Rabobank: Global poultry industry faces "perfect storm"


Tony McDougal, Poultry World

Jan 13, 2021  


Global poultry markets face a “perfect storm” of challenging conditions in first half of the year with recovery to follow. The industry should prepare for a tough year by having a very disciplined supply strategy.


A mixture of ongoing disruptions caused by Covid-19, high feed prices, soft economic conditions, problems caused by substantial avian influenza outbreaks this winter, and global oversupply means the industry faces huge challenges. That is the key message from Rabobank’s poultry quarterly report, which suggests that Covid-19 will place ongoing pressure on foodservice and trade, with the consequential slow economic growth leading to more price-driven market conditions. This will come in the context of higher and more volatile feed prices, competitive global poultry trade markets – due to the recovery by China and Vietnam from their African Swine Fever outbreaks – and the significant impact of the current wave of avian influenza in parts of the northern hemisphere.


Europe set to be most affected ...


Light at the end of the tunnel ...