Community organizes GoFundMe for farmer after over 30 cows die


By Megan Hiler, KKTV

Jan. 10, 2021


EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - One community is working to raise money after a local rancher lost so much.


Back in late December, dozens of cows were found dead just off the roadway in El Paso County.


When people go driving down Highway 94, they are used to seeing dozens of cows in the pasture. It was shocking to see them all dead in a field, so neighbors stepped in to help.


“It was shock, really, because to someone, for someone to lose that many cows, you just wonder what in the world might have caused that,” neighbor Nancy Meiklejohn said.


A mystery at first, it was later revealed too much nitrate in the hay is what killed the 31 cows. An unfortunate accident that stuck with neighbors.


“Clarence raises cattle for a living, you know, this is what he does. And so this really is a very expensive and devastating loss,” Meiklejohn added.


Clarence Balser, the rancher, was born and raised in Elliott. Friends describe him as a hard worker, which is why Meiklejohn organized a GoFundMe to help.


“You know, most farmers and ranchers that I know and have known for my life are usually the last to ask for help. They’re pretty self-sufficient and so they don’t ask for help, but they are the first to offer help,” she explained...


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