Being a Good Farmer and Neighbor With Niman Ranch


Elena Seeley, Food Tank

Jan 8, 2021


Growing up around farming, Niman Ranch farmers Cody and Morgan Wickerham were inspired to work in agriculture at a young age.


“Morgan and I were around farming all our lives,” first-generation farmer Cody Wickerham tells Food Tank. Over the years, the Wickerhams have helped raise hogs, cows, and goats.


Today, the couple manages Wickerham Family Farm in Indiana with Morgan’s father, Jeff. Unlike many farms in the area, their farm, established in 2012, does not produce crops; instead the Wickerhams focus their energy on their hogs.


“I enjoy producing a quality product in the manner pigs should be raised,” Wickerham says.


Wickerham Family Farm allows its hogs pasture access throughout the year. The farm also utilizes year-round hoop barns, one of the ways they provide a healthy environment for the hogs.


In 2016, the Wickerhams joined Niman Ranch, drawn to the network’s commitment to sustainability. They believe that caring for land is important so future generations will have the opportunity to farm in the same way.


And at a time when the Wickerhams notice many farms around them getting bigger and less opportunity for small independent family farms, like theirs, to get started – a trend they struggle with – Niman Ranch allows the family to raise their hogs without compromising their personal values. “It means a lot to be a part of a group of like-minded individuals who raise hogs in a sustainable, humane way,” Wickerham tells Food Tank of the Niman Ranch community...