Satellite ear tags for livestock coming to Canada

Canadian producers involved in international trial of Australian-based direct-to-satellite smart ear tag


By Piper Whelan, Canadian Cattlemen

January 6, 2021


When Heather Mundt sought an alternative to branding, a new livestock ear tag in development on the other side of the world opened the door for new management decision possibilities.


Heather and her husband Brenton, who run a cow-calf operation and grain farm at Oyen, Alta., were interested in GPS ear tags for identification and financing purposes, as well as simplifying the process of checking their cattle.


“We’re spread out over 55 miles and seven different pastures, so for us to go check our cattle is pretty much a six- to eight-hour project,” says Brenton. “If we could have constant awareness of where our cattle are, then that would save a lot of trips.”


When Heather came across Australia’s Ceres Tag, she learned it could provide the solutions she was looking for, as well as numerous other opportunities. Marketed as the world’s only direct-to-satellite smart livestock ear tag, Ceres Tag is on track to be a game changer. Along with its GPS capabilities, Ceres Tag is an accelerometer with RFID technology, the first of its kind designed to meet accreditation guidelines with national livestock traceability programs.


“Ceres Tag is years ahead of anybody else,” says Heather. “We’re so excited to see what they can do on our farm.”


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