Manitoba Pork Reports Only 3 Confirmed PED Cases In 2020


by Cory Knutt, Pembina Valley Online (Canada)

07 January 2021


Manitoba Pork says there were minimal confirmed cases of the PED virus in 2020.


Jenelle Hamblin is Manager of Swine Health Programs.


"We did see only a total of three confirmed cases of PED in the province this past year. Two of which were in the spring, June was when they confirmed, late spring/early summer. The last one shortly there after in July, which was actually a known case from a direct animal movement from those previous two cases, which were both nurseries."


She talked about the drastic decrease from 2019.


"In 2019, it was officially our worst year on record for PED. We had 82 confirmed cases in the calendar year of 2019 and then down to only three in 2020. This time last year...