Map for eateries using Taiwanese pork goes live

Doubts persist over ractopamine-laden pork imports


By Huang Tzu-ti, Taiwan News    



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An online map indicating certified restaurants providing pork produced in Taiwan has been made available as the country grapples with undiminished public concern about the safety of ractopamine-laden pork.


Developed by Facebook user Chiang Ming-tsung (江明宗), the website offers information about eateries and stores that have acquired the government-issued “Taiwan Pork Label.” Details of the businesses include the name, address, an introduction, business hours, and label number.


The map covered 4,693 businesses across Taiwan as of Dec. 29, with the information being constantly updated, according to the developer. It is based on the open data released by the Council of Agriculture (COA), the authority governing agricultural affairs.


COA unveiled the Taiwan Pork Label in October last year, amidst the controversy of the Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) administration’s decision to allow American pork imports containing ractopamine. The feed additive promotes leanness, but whether it poses health risks to humans remains a hotly debated issue.


The label is supposed to verify the origin of pork products for consumers who may have doubts about the imports. According to COA, around 7,000 labels had been issued as of Dec. 31, with inspections to be carried out by the National Animal Industry Foundation throughout January to bolster the origin credentials, wrote CNA...