U.S. Meat Export Glass is Half Full But It's Filling Up Fast Says USMEF's Dan Halstrom


Oklahoma Farm Report

20 Nov 2020


The meat export glass is half full with a lot of room at the top says Dan Halstrom, president and CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation.


Halstrom recently spoke via Zoom with Radio Oklahoma Agriculture Network Associate Farm Director and Editor KC Sheperd.


All things considered things are looking pretty good, Halstrom said.


On the beef side we’re down about 8 percent for the year with a lot of that coming in the spring due to the covid shutdown, he said.


In June the supply pipeline was lacking supply even though the demand was good, he said. That has since corrected but we had some missed sales, he added.


We’re forecasting an increased growth rate at the end of the year so for 2020 probably down about 3 or 4 percent total, he said.


Robust forecast for 2021 up about 10 percent which would be a new record, he said.


On the pork side, there is a different scenario with similar results, Halstrom said.


We will probably see a 12 to 14 percent growth this year mostly from the Asian market, and that would be a new pork record, Halstrom said.


Consumption levels are above what they were pre-covid in countries like Hong Kong and China, he said.


In some countries the food service is back to normal...


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