New FarmLink Project Helps Farmers Get Food To Hungry People


By Rhonda Brooks, FarmJournal's Pork

November 18, 2020


In the land of plenty, many people are going hungry, a problem worsened in the past year by the pandemic. The FarmLink Project is a new organization formed last spring to help change that.


FarmLink partners with farmers and other members of the agricultural community to move food from the farm level to food banks and distribution centers around the U.S. who then distribute to the hungry people who need it.


“The way we do that is largely by cold-calling farmers, explaining what we do and  letting them know that we're a resource for them to contact if they have a contract that’s slashed or any sort of reason for a surplus—that we can take the food and get it to people who need it,” says Aiden Reilly, FarmLInk co-founder. He started the project with a friend, Will Collier, to help combat hunger, food waste and unemployment...