German pig prices fall as slaughterhouse capacity cut after COVID-19


Reporting by Michael Hogan; Editing by Hugh Lawson, Reuters

via Successful Farming/ - 11/19/2020


HAMBURG, Nov 19 (Reuters) - German pig prices fell this week, partly due to a fall in capacity at slaughterhouses as they implement changes to meet higher standards following COVID-19 outbreaks, farming associations said on Thursday.


Average German pig prices this week fell to 1.19 euro a kilo from 1.27 euros a kilo last week, said the association of German animal farmers VEZG.


Prices had been steady around 1.27 a kilo since Sept. 11, when they fell heavily after a case of African swine fever (ASF) was confirmed in a wild boar in Germany. Prices had been around 1.47 a kilo before that.


The price fall this week is because of reduced slaughterhouse capacity in Germany due to changes to working practices after COVID-19 outbreaks in several meatpacking plants this year, said the association of pig farmers ISN.


This means large numbers of pigs are being forced to stay on farms while farmers seek an abattoir to deal with them.


"For months, a long queue of pigs has been growing every week," the ISN said. "The ISN now estimates this at about 590,000 pigs."


The ISN called for...