This is what the KFC of the future will look like


By Jordan Valinsky, CNN Business

via KCTV News  (MO)  - Nov 18, 2020


Kentucky Fried Chicken is the latest fast food chain to redesign its restaurants for the Covid-19 era, with a revamp that emphasizes the drive-thru and limits human contact.


The two new designs KFC revealed Wednesday highlight the fact that diners' habits have shifted toward delivery rather than in restaurant dining -- a trend that started pre-pandemic, but was accelerated by coronavirus, "proving a need for a modernized design," the company said.


The existing KFC store design, called the "American Showman," will eventually be phased out in favor of one of the two new concepts.


One design ditches the traditional dining room, an option with less square footage that would be ideal for expansion into busier areas like cities where real estate is more expensive. Chipotle and Starbucks recently debuted similar designs that are smaller than typical locations.


KFC's other design emphasizes the drive-thru, which encompassed 60% of the company's sales in the third quarter. This design features two drive-thru lanes, with one dedicated to mobile order pickup. Taco Bell, which is also owned by Yum! Brands, showed off a similar idea earlier this year.


That option also includes an outdoor seating area called the "Colonel's Porch" and an interior dining room that's smaller than KFC's current layouts.


Both concepts feature...


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