Pork is rebranding to meet customers' new shopping habits



November 17th 2020


As meat brands adjust to consumers' new shopping habits, pork is rebranding to get a bigger slice of the market.


U.S. pork pursues prime shelf space in convenient stores across the country.


National Pork Board's Neal Hull states, "The key for convenience stores is this idea of grab-and-go. Where I can pop in, grab a breakfast sandwich, grab a coffee, grab a soda, and I'm on the road."


However, COVID has forced many convenience stores to adjust the way they serve food. "If you think early on and go back to April, May and June, the idea of the roller grill or grab-and-go cases from a safety standpoint, they really had shifted away from that," he states.


Grab-and-go was gaining in popularity before the pandemic. As attitudes about food started to shift back in the spring, many convenience stores caught on.


"You're seeing a lot of convenience stores shifting to this prepackaged, shifting to a refrigerated case," he notes. "You're starting to see some of the hot food come back, which is good but they really shifted the focus on this prepacked mindset because consumers feel that that's a safer option, and it hasn't been handled as much as some of the other items."


Upping prepackaged food production is helping expand opportunities for pork...


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