China builds three large swine farm units in Argentina

Those will work only for exports and a company involved in the project announced that is ready to start the construction.



Nov 18, 2020


Argentina will host three large pig farming and processing units built by Chinese investors.


The initial investment in the units is about $130 million and all three will be located in the Province of Chaco, in strategic areas: one in the northeast, another in the center and the third in the southwest.


The bilateral agreement was signed between Argentina and the Chinese-Argentine company Feng Tian Food (FTF).


The structures will use local producers as strategic partners. Each of the complexes will demand 32.3 thousand tons of soy and 87.4 thousand tons of corn per year to feed the pigs, supplied by local production.


The company Feng Tian Food already has commercial partnerships between the two countries and will immediately start to develop direct contacts with Chinese investors.


According to local authorities, the economic impact of the construction will be huge. Each complex will consist of five farms