Cattle truck overturns on I-94, about a dozen cattle escape into median


Hannah Woosley-Collins, KXMB/KXMA/KXMC/KXMD/ (ND)

Nov 17, 2020


A Palermo man transporting a load of calves from Stanley to Mandan overturned his cattle truck when exiting I-94 between Bismarck and Mandan on Tuesday, which caused about a dozen cattle to escape into the median.


The North Dakota Highway Patrol says the incident happened around 2:04 p.m. on Tuesday when the man was unable to maintain control of the vehicle while turning. The truck overturned onto the driverís side on the left shoulder, and the roof of the trailer breached.


Law enforcement, Mandan Fire and passing motorists contained the loose cattle until assistance could arrive. The remaining cattle were offloaded from the trailer.


Police say three calves died...


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