National Beef honors veteran employees


By Vincent Marshall, Dodge City Daily Globe (KS)

Nov 16, 2020


National Beef Packing Co. honored its veteran employees for Veterans Day this year.


Through Flags of Valor, National Beef purchased commemorative flags to honor employees.


“During such an uncertain time in our lives, I am thankful that National Beef is continuing the tradition of celebrating their military veteran employees,” said Frank Boyer, team leader in the 101st Airborne for the U.S. Army and now safety manager in Hummels Wharf, Pa. “Our team always looks forward to National Beef’s special celebration of employees who’ve served our country. It’s nice to know they support our dedication to our job and our country.”


According to National Beef, this year’s observance took place in nine cities, including Dodge City, building on efforts from the last several years...