McDonald’s Vegan McPlant Range Will Not Feature Beyond Meat, Despite Reports

'McDonald's was the big prize in the burger wars and it quietly just left the battlefield'


by Liam Gilliver, Plant Based News

Nov 17, 2020


Fast-food giant McDonald’s announced the impending launch of its vegan McPlant range earlier this month.


The chain said it would be henceforth testing a plant-based burger in multiple markets from next year. In addition, it will test both breakfast sandwiches and chicken alternatives.


Multiple reports claimed the McPlant range would feature Beyond Meat – after the brands partnered to trial a plant-based burger in Canada earlier this year. 


But it has now been confirmed that McDonald’s will not be using a third-party supplier to create its new meat-free products.


‘An anomaly in the fast-food world’


“The decision to keep its veggie-forward products in-house, announced last week, is certainly an anomaly in the fast-food world,” commented Bloomberg strategist Kyle Stock.


“Beyond Meat has packed in licensing deals with a crowd of chains, most notably Dunkin’ and Tim Hortons. Impossible Foods, a rival, has its meat-esque wares in thousands as well, including Burger King.


“McDonald’s was the big prize in the burger wars and it quietly just left the battlefield.”


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