Farm Industry Braces for Tougher Eye on Practices Under Biden


·         Democrats divided on how hard to push a progressive agenda

·         Key farm adviser sees Biden instinct for consensus ahead


By Mike Dorning, Bloomberg 

November 14, 2020


American agriculture is bracing for tougher scrutiny of practices from environmental protections to workplace safety in the transition from the anti-regulatory regime under President Donald Trump to the Biden administration.


The key question will be the magnitude of pressure, amid divisions among Democrats about how hard to move on a progressive agenda. Another element of President-elect Joe Biden’s likely program for the Agriculture Department is more certain: greater food assistance for needy families.


With progressives using this early stage to push for anti-pollution rules that were anathema to Trump, the first hints of where the administration will fall on the regulatory spectrum will come from personnel appointments. Farmers and environmentalists alike will also be looking for details on how Biden will carry out a campaign pledge to make American agriculture the first in the world to go net-zero with emissions.


Even as Trump refuses to concede, the Biden team is moving ahead, with cabinet picks anticipated by mid-December. Progressives and moderates are already jockeying for position in personnel appointments.


Some activists have been openly campaigning against Heidi Heitkamp, widely seen as a leading candidate for Agriculture secretary. The former North Dakota senator led a group dedicated to bolstering Democrats’ appeal among rural voters, and she campaigned for Biden in farm country. Her critics say she is too friendly to corporate interests.


Among others cited as potential candidates, according to Democrats involved in agricultural policy, some of whom advised the Biden campaign ...


Food Aid ...


Carbon Storage ...


Competition Rules ...