Are meatless alternatives really as healthy as you think?

Claims that meatless options are healthier aren’t always true


Jared Hoehing and RJ Marquez, KSAT (TX) 

November 16, 2020


Over the past few years, fast food chains have started offering meatless options in their burgers. Chains like McDonald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut have all started offering “Beyond Meat” or “Impossible” products. However, claims that the meatless options are healthier aren’t always true.


There are pros and cons to eating meatless products. Below, you will find some of them, according to Lifespan, a nonprofit health system in Rhode Island:


Pros of meatless options:


    More sustainable for the environment

    No animals killed

    Suitable for vegetarian or vegan eating preferences

    More fiber in the products

    Substituting red meat out of your diet may have a health benefit because red meat is linked to colon cancer


Cons of eating meatless options:


    They are highly processed and there could be unknown health implications

    There are more ingredients involved in making it, and you should read them all before eating

    They are higher in sodium, with some burgers having 300 mg more sodium than a fresh meat burger


Overall, Lifespan...


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