ASF Germany: New phase in battle starts; count at 150


Vincent ter Beek, Pig Progress

Nov 13, 2020


As the total count of infected wild boar in Germany has topped 150, Germany’s minister of agriculture Julia Klöckner has stated the country has entered a new phase in fighting ASF in the country’s wild boar population.


As from next week, Julia Klöckner, the German minister of agriculture, has allowed to shoot wild boar in a 5km wide zone around the 1st of 4 contaminated zones in Germany, comprising areas of the Oder-Spree and Spree-Neisse districts. A so-called ‘white zone’ corridor has been equipped with fences on the inside and the outside. When shooting all wild boar there, the aim is to create a wild boar free zone, so the virus cannot spread through migration of contaminated wild boar.


The intention is to eventually create white zones around all infection zones in Brandenburg. This approach is being advised by specialists of the EU Veterinary Emergency Team (EUVet) – it has been a proven successful method.


German pig producers union (ISN) has responded to be happy with the initiative, and has called on the Brandenburg authorities to apply the measure “consistently and without compromises”.


More cooperation with Czech Republic and Poland


Klöckner also stated that in the battle against ASF there will be an increased cooperation with the Czech Republic and Poland. She said so during a video conference with her peers Grzegorz Puda (Poland) and Miroslav Toman (Czech Republic). The idea is to not only coordinate initiatives at ministerial levels, but also at the level of veterinary authorities.


The German authorities are in talks with Japan, South Korea and China as well, to get a regionalisation policy accepted politically and technically. That would mean that Germany would be able to export from non-infected constituent states. Currently the ASF situation in Germany has been aggravating an already difficult situation, related to Covid-19, with an abundance of finisher pigs waiting for their turn in the slaughterhouse, leading to pressure on prices.


Permanent ASF fence in Saxony state ...


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