Nebraska man faces multiple charges for 200 cattle carcasses, and one horse



November 12th 2020


Lincoln, Nebraska (KPVI)- A man from Exeter, Nebraska pled guilty to multiple felonies in connection to over 200 cattle carcasses being found on his property.


Aaron Ogren, 31 years old, originally faced 29 felonies for the 2019 incident. Now, the local district court has amended the charges. He faces charges of theft by unlawful taking, two counts of prohibited sale of livestock, and three counts of attempted prohibited sale of livestock and cruelty to animals.


In April of 2019, an investigator went to Ogren's farm in regard to the cattle in his care that actually belonged to ranchers from Colorado. He said that the cattle died during the winter. The investigator noted that Ogren's feedlot had not been maintained for over a year; also, there were carcasses of cattle and a haltered horse piled up in a manure mound...