McDonald’s x OmniLuncheon: Here’s The 411 On The New #PlantBased Menu


By Sonalie Figueiras, Green Queen (Hong Kong)

Oct 16, 2020


Green Monday has made headlines yet again, now with a groundbreaking partnership between its food tech arm OmniFoods and McDonald’s Hong Kong, making it the first plant-based startup in the world to land a major long-term collab with the holy grail of the fast food giants. It saw an all-new completely vegetarian menu land across McDonald’s and McCafés across the city and in Macau, and here’s everything you need to know about the industry-first milestone.


In case you’ve been living under a rock, launching at McDonald’s is major for any plant-based company. In Hong Kong alone, the fast food restaurant serves a million people every single day, and is the biggest QSR chain in the city closely trailed by local chain Café de Coral. Globally, the Golden Arches is none other in terms of its sheer size, marketing capability and brand recognition.


But this goes beyond trials that other plant-based startups have managed to secure in recent years, such as Beyond Meat’s collaboration with McDonald’s in Canada, which operated on a limited time basis and offered only one veggie option to consumers. This all-new menu now available for a la carte ordering across all 280 McDonald’s and 122 McCafé locations in Hong Kong and Macau will see not one, but six brand new dishes that are vegetarian, with three that can be customised to cater to vegan folk as specified below...