Jobs in agriculture being pursued by young people looking for security after COVID-19

         More women are becoming drovers and one employer says some are better suited to the job

         A boss drover says it's never been so easy to find drovers to work

         The National Farmers Federation says more young people are pursuing careers in the farming industry


By Meg Bolton, ABC Rural Australia

Oct 14, 2020


Droving cattle in 30-plus degree temperatures, every day for three months at a time, is far from an easy day's work, but there's an increasing number of people seeking employment in the profession.


COVID-19 has increased demand for employment, but that is not the only change the male-dominated industry is seeing.


Boss drover Bill Little said not only were more women doing the job sometimes they were better at it.


"At that younger age, girls seem to be able to settle better than boys. Boys think about partying too much," Mr Little said.


"Not always, but girls are inclined to be a little bit cleaner and tidier and look after the animals more than the boys [and] they're not as bad-tempered."


Mr Little is leading the droving team and 2,000 head of cattle on the approximately three-month, 550-kilometre, journey from Clermont to Taroom.


"A lot of girls are horse-mad, dog-mad, animal-mad and it helps in this job if you like horses, cattle and dogs," he said.


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