Trump executive order creates Water Subcabinet


By Julie Harker, Brownfield

October 14, 2020


President Trump has signed an executive order to create a water subcabinet that USDA Undersecretary Bill Northey says will make it easier for farmers to be successful. Northey says ďwater is critical to farming and the success of Rural America.Ē


The EPA says the subcabinet will promote effective and efficient water resources management, develop a national water strategy, protect taxpayer investments and improve water infrastructure and support workforce development of water sector professionals.


The Water Subcabinet will be co-chaired by...





President Donald J. Trump is Modernizing Americaís Water Resource Management and Infrastructure


Source: The White House

October 14, 2020


Americaís water infrastructure must be effectively managed and modernized to meet the needs of current and future generations of Americans.


President Donald J. Trump


MODERNIZING AMERICAíS WATER INFRASTRUCTURE: President Trump is taking bold action to advance critical water infrastructure projects.


         Modernizing management of our Nationís water infrastructure to ensure access to safe, clean, and reliable water supplies will improve the quality of life for every American.

         President Trump is formally establishing an interagency Water Subcabinet that will streamline the Federal governmentís approach to managing Americaís water resources and work to upgrade our Nationís water infrastructure, safeguard public health, and create jobs.

         The Water Subcabinet will identify actions to develop water supply reliability and improve water quality for urban, rural and agricultural communities, ensure successful restoration activities, and examine water challenges facing minority, low-income, and tribal communities.


IMPROVING THE NATIONíS WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: President Trump is promoting efficient and effective interagency coordination by Federal agencies.


         The Water Subcabinet will develop a national water strategy that addresses:

o   Enhancement of water storage, water supply, and drought resiliency;

o   Improvement of water quality, source water protection, nutrient management, and restoration activities;

o   Innovation and modernization of water systems, including for drinking water, wastewater, water reuse, desalination, and flood control; and

o   Advancement in water data management, research, modeling, and forecasting.

         The Executive Order will reduce inefficiency and duplication across the Federal Government.

o   The Water Subcabinet will provide recommendations to consolidate activities of the hundreds of existing water-related Federal task forces, working groups, and initiatives.

         The Water Subcabinet will also recommend actions to promote better coordination and planning for Federal investments in water infrastructure.


CREATING OPPORTUNITIES FOR AMERICAN WATER WORKERS: President Trump is enhancing and rebuilding our Nationís water sector workforce to combat a critical shortage.


         The United States needs a qualified water workforce to operate our water storage and conveyance infrastructure, rural and agricultural water systems, and drinking water and wastewater facilities to ensure that all Americans have clean and safe water.

         President Trump is supporting opportunities to recruit, train, and retain our Nationís water workforce to promote water infrastructure development and continue reliable operation of Americaís water facilities.

o   The Executive Order directs the Water Subcabinet to coordinate with other Federal agencies to provide assistance and technical support to States, territories, tribes, local communities, and non-governmental entities to bolster our Nationís water workforce.


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