On-demand: Webinar on reducing antimicrobials in pigs


Vincent ter Beek, Pig Progress 

Oct 15, 2020  


Available for review: a recently held webinar on reducing antimicrobials in pigs by using integrated solutions. The webinar was broadcasted live on October 5 by Pig Progress’ sister title All About Feed, in cooperation with Trouw Nutrition.


As the reduction of antibiotics in pig nutrition is not just a simple puzzle, 3 expert speakers addressed each a different aspect of the issue.


An integrated approach to reduce antibiotics


Leo den Hartog, R&D director at Nutreco and part-time professor of Animal Nutrition in Circular Economy at Wageningen University, talked about the 3 pillars of an integrated approach to reduce antibiotics on pig farms. He touched upon ‘feed management’, ‘farm management’ and ‘health management’.


Prof Den Hartog said, “I can tell you on our own (research, ed.) swine farm, we are back 99% in the use of antibiotics. Only when the animals are really sick, in case of welfare, we treat them.”


Prevention from pathogen intake and transmission ... 


Optimal protein degradation: essential for piglet gut health ...


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