Second week of CFAP 2 payments shows little change in top commodities


By Nicole Heslip, Brownfield

October 14, 2020


USDA has more than doubled its Coronavirus Food Assistance payments as part of its second program to farmers in the last week.


As of October 13th, the agency had approved more than $4.5 billion, up from just over $2 billion a week ago.  Payments to corn growers remain at the top of the list at more than $1.4 billion followed by cattle $1 billion, soybeans at $534 million, milk at $452 million, and sales commodities at $375 million.


Farmers in Iowa were awarded the most at nearly $449 million, followed by Illinois with more $352 million, Nebraska with just under $347 million, Minnesota with $334 million, and Wisconsin with $277 million.


Other Brownfield states include Indiana with $208 million, Michigan with $126 million, Missouri at $170 million, Ohio at $130 million and South Dakota at $229 million...


... The USDA reports more than $10.2 billion of the allocated $16 billion has been distributed as part of the first CFAP program to more than 645,000 producers as of this week...