Cattle market act looks to add market transparency


By Will Robinson, Brownfield

October 14, 2020


The executive vice president of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association says the Cattle Market Transparency Act of 2020 would provide producers the information needed to better market their cattle.


Mike Deering tells Brownfield formula transactions are not reported in the cattle market and that information is held by the USDA because of confidentiality guidelines…


“If you remove those, [you] get the data out there and stop the market suppression and allow us to know what the value of cattle is,” he said.


Deering said the house bill, sponsored by Missouri’s Vicky Hartzler, and the corresponding senate bill, sponsored by Nebraska’s Deb Fischer, are legislation that all cattle producers should be able to support.


“They’re trying to pass legislation to move the ball forward that will allow the market to work,” he said...


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