North-west Queensland family's new beef business highlights animal welfare for consumers


By Eric Barker, ABC North West Qld (Australia)

Oct 14, 2020


A north-west Queensland grazing family is hoping to educate consumers about where their beef comes from, with a new meat label telling the history of the product.


The business is run by the Brodie family from Redland Park, near McKinlay, who send cattle to a Longreach abattoir before marketing it directly to south-east Queensland.


Angus Brodie sells the boxed beef from Toowoomba with support from his family on the property.


"Ever since I have been a kid it has always been a thought in my mind about how good it would be to take beef from home and give that directly to the consumers," Mr Brodie said.


"We look after cows and calves for years and grow them out into bullocks, but as soon as they leave the front gate you don't know where that product goes."


Animal welfare key to marketing ...


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