Former Iowa Governor and ambassador to China back in town

Terry Branstad speaks after returning home from China after three years abroad.


Eleanor Tabone, WQAD News 8 (IL)

October 14, 2020


Terry Branstad, is back in Iowa, "Love to be back in Scott county, Scott county has been very good to me. Never lost an election here."


Branstad is campaigning for the Trump administration and US Republican Senator Joni Ernst.


"I am so glad to be back in Iowa, what a beautiful time to be here. I am a people person, I love to campaign," said Branstad.


The United States Ambassador to China, he says, "The COVID virus which started in Wuhan, China, as the ambassador to China, I saw firsthand what happened."


Brandstad stood down from his role in China earlier this month. He says he carried out President Donald Trump's tariff policy and that corn, soybeans and pork prices are sky rocketing.


"Record purchases of corn, record purchases of soybeans. And this year, they purchased more pork than other time in history."


Yet tensions remain high between the two countries through ongoing trade disputes and the spread of COVID-19.


"China takes the responsibility that they have agreed upon seriously."


For three years he called China home, now back on home turf, Branstad says after the election he doesn't plan to work full time, "I don't intend to be fully retired either, so I am looking at...


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