TPP launches petition urging tighter regulation of US pork, beef imports


By Hsieh Chun-lin and Kayleigh Madjar, Taipei Times (Taiwan)†

Oct 13, 2020


††† The Taiwan Peopleís Party (TPP) caucus has launched a petition calling for stricter penalties on illegal pork imports, the introduction of specialized codes to identify firms that use meat containing ractopamine and clear product labeling, it said yesterday.


††† The government has been pushing ahead with its plan to ease restrictions on US pork and beef imports from Jan. 1 next year, even though public debate on the issue continues to rage, the caucus said.


††† It said that it launched the petition on the National Development Councilís Public Policy Network Participation Platform to better gauge public opinion and reach a consensus on the issue.


††† The petition passed a review on Thursday and would be open until Dec. 8. There were 1,133 signatories as of press time last night.


††† The government must respond to the petition if it collects at least 5,000 signatures.


††† The petition contains three demands, all of which would require amending the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation (食品安全衛生管理法).


††† First, it calls for stringent enforcement of import controls and heightened penalties to ensure that packaging on remanufactured products, mixed goods and food additives clearly indicates whether they contain ractopamine.


††† Second, a specialized coding system should be implemented to better identify firms that import products containing ractopamine, the petition says.


††† Last, it calls for amending food labeling regulations to require clear labeling of food products or additives that contain ractopamine.


††† The caucus said that it hopes to collate public opinion to show the government how deeply people care about food safety.


††† Through the process, the Democratic Progressive Party would hopefully revive...