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         McDonald's Illinois Headquarters Being Sold for $430 Million, Good News for Chicago CRE?

         McDonald's Fans Think The Spicy Quarter Pounder Is Too Hot



McDonald's Illinois Headquarters Being Sold for $430 Million, Good News for Chicago CRE?


by Deidre Woollard, The Motley Fool/Millionacres

Oct 13, 2020


So far this year has been tough for sales of office space. However, there have been some recent signs of life, including Facebook's (NASDAQ: FB) purchase of REI's headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, for $390 million. Now, in what could be one of the biggest commercial real estate transactions in Chicago in recent years, the 580,000-square-foot headquarters of McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD) may be sold for over $430 million. The headquarters is located at 110 N. Carpenter in Chicago's central business district.


The Chicago-based developer Sterling Bay owns the property, which is the former location of Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios. Sterling Bay worked with famed architectural firm Gensler to build a nine-story LEED-certified building with a retail level. McDonald's first moved into the building in 2018. Sterling Bay put the property on market earlier this year with Jones Lang LaSalle.


The sale of the McDonald's headquarters will set a new record in the area. McDonald's will continue to lease the majority of the building through 2033. In addition to office space, the building also houses its Hamburger University training center and a large ground-floor international restaurant as well as other retail tenants.


It might be a surprise to some people that McDonald's doesn't own its headquarters. Savvy investors know that McDonald's is as much a real estate company as it is a hamburger seller. The company's business model includes owning most of the real estate that both its corporate-owned and franchised restaurants sit on. In fact, it brought in $7.5 billion of rental income in 2019.


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McDonald's Fans Think The Spicy Quarter Pounder Is Too Hot


Tom Wood, LAD Bible

12 October 2020


Fans of McDonald's have been kicking off because they believe that the new spicy quarter pounder burger is 'too hot' and the extra heat that's been added 'spoils it'.


Well, what were they expecting from a spicy quarter pounder burger, eh?


The new sandwich has only been on the market since last week - along with a number of other new additions - but some folks have had all the time they need to make their mind up about it.


These nay-sayers reckon the spice is 'too much' and 'overpowers' the normal flavour of the burger.


It's hardly a scotch bonnet chili, right? It can't be that bad can it?


One person said that the burger sauce tastes of tabasco, although it isn't actually clear what McDonald's has added to it.


To be fair, it's something of a Goldilocks paradox, because when they released the spicy chicken nuggets a while back, people complained that they weren't hot enough.


There's just no pleasing everyone, even if you're the world's largest fast food chain.


Of the spicy quarter pounder, one person tweeted: