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·         Germany reports 10 new swine fever cases in wild boar

·         Globe grapples with new ASF outbreaks



Germany reports 10 new swine fever cases in wild boar


Reporting by Michael Hogan, editing by Susan Fenton, Reuters 

October 12, 2020


HAMBURG, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Ten more cases of African swine fever have been confirmed in wild boars in the eastern German state of Brandenburg, Germany’s agriculture ministry said on Monday.


The new discoveries bring the total number of confirmed cases to 65 since the first one on Sept. 10. All were in wild animals with no farm pigs affected, it said.


Germany’s Friedrich-Loeffler scientific institute had confirmed the latest animals had African swine fever, the ministry said. All were found in the area around the first discoveries.


China and a number of other pork buyers banned imports of German pork...





Globe grapples with new ASF outbreaks

South Korea and China report new cases as Germany continues to find ASF in wild boars along border with Poland.


Tim Lundeen, National Hog Farmer

Oct 13, 2020


While cases of African swine fever (ASF) continue to be found in wild boars in eastern Germany — up to 65 cases reported as of Oct. 12 — South Korea and China have officially reported new ASF outbreaks after months of inactivity.


All of the cases reported in Germany so far have been found in wild boars along the country's border with Poland.


According to a report from Reuters, South Korea officials announced Oct. 9 that new ASF cases have been found on a farm for the first time in a year, forcing authorities to cull at least 1,500 pigs. Three dead pigs tested positive for the disease at a farm in the province of Gangwon late on Thursday, Reuters noted.


Until last week, Korean news services said no new cases of ASF had been found on farms since October 2019, but 750 cases were discovered in wild boars that roam the border with North Korea, Reuters reported.


According to a separate Reuters report...