Disaster Assistance for Cattlemen and Cattlewomen Affected by Hurricanes


Oklahoma Farm Report

12 Oct 2020


The Louisiana Cattlemen’s Association (LCA), in cooperation with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), have worked closely with USDA to ensure cattle producers in the state of Louisiana have access to needed disaster resources to help with losses incurred as a result of this year’s devastating hurricanes.


“It was a major victory to have mosquito death loss included in the Livestock Indemnity Program. Through our coordination with NCBA and USDA Louisiana, producers who dealt with crippling death loss due to the onslaught of mosquitoes now have some protection,” said Dustiy Pendergrass, LCA executive vice president. “In order to fit the requirements of LIP, the animal must have been lost within 30 days of the weather event. We already know of roughly 200 head were lost to the mosquito bloom in September.”


At present, there are several programs that may help provide relief from losses incurred as a result of this year’s devastation. Local USDA Farm Service Agency offices can provide specific information about qualification and application for relief.


LCA and NCBA will continue to work to provide relief and funding for producers in the weeks and months ahead, and there are some programs already available. Those programs include: