Kindergarten teacher to professional meat cutter


BY Rural Radio Network

via KTIC (NE) - October 9, 2020


If you would have asked Amanda Stephan five years ago if she saw herself living in the sandhills of Nebraska and working as a professional meat cutter, she would have probably said no.


Thatís the exciting part about life is sometimes you never know where your next adventure will lead.


Adventure is exactly how Stephan describes going from being a kindergarten teacher in Idaho last year to a professional meat cutter at Sandhills Beef Company in Mullen, Nebraska this year.† Stephanís story, though, is also one of taking chances and seizing opportunity when it presents itself.


With such a unique adventure unfolding for Stephan, she also offers a unique and eye opening look into an important segment of the agriculture and livestock industry.


You can hear the story in Stephanís own words here:


more, including photo, audio report [6:52 min.]†