Heat wave kills over 1 million layers in Brazil


Daniel Azevedo, Poultry World

Oct 12, 2020  


A historic heat wave with temperatures of above 41ºC has killed up to a million chickens in the city of Bastos, in São Paulo State, about 530 kilometres west from the capital.


According to the Rural Syndicate of Bastos, about 3% of the entire poultry population in the region might be dead.


On just one farm, approximately 50,000 birds died due to high temperatures of above 40°C over a 5 day period. The “Egg Capital” is the largest egg producing region in Brazil with 34 million birds on numerous farms. According to the State Department of Agriculture and Supply of São Paulo, the ‘city’ produces 33% of the total state production, 438 million dozen last year. Katsuhide Maki, producer and president of the Rural Syndicate of Bastos, said to local newspapers that production is in trouble. “Even the birds that survived, will produce less and smaller eggs because of the stress caused by the heat,” he expects.


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Unprecedented loss of layers ...