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·         ASF Germany: Group of sick and dead wild boar found

… The herd is said to include at least 30 animals…


·         Germany reports 10 new swine fever cases in wild boar

… All were in wild animals with no farm pigs affected…



ASF Germany: Group of sick and dead wild boar found


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Oct 12, 2020


During a search operation in eastern Germany in the context of African Swine Fever, a herd of mostly sick and dead wild boar has been spotted near the border with Poland. The herd is said to include at least 30 animals.


The group was discovered on the island Küstrin-Kietz, which is part of the northern infection zone in eastern Germany, immediately bordering Poland. The discovery was made during an intensive search day last Saturday which involved at least 300 helpers on land, in the sky (using 4 drones, some with heat cameras) and in the water (at the Oder river, forming the border between the 2 countries).


By intensive surveillance, the idea is to identify and remove as many carcasses as possible before they further infect other wild boar. However, it looks like the amount of boar victims keeps on growing.


The location of the island Küstrin-Kietz has temporarily been highlighted with a red star in the interactive map below. This will remain until more detailed information about numbers and location becomes available. That is expected to happen in the course of the week.


Sick wild boar discovered by drone


The discovery was made when studying images captured by a drone. Thomas Behrendt, spokesperson of the district Märkisch Oderland, told public broadcaster RBB: “Half of the animals is already dead and the other half was clearly ill.”


Further research into this group proves to be difficult, therefore the animals will be observed using drones. Behrendt said, “Taking action would be too dangerous, as sick may run away and further spread the virus.” In addition, the island is known to be home to ammunition, which is why it cannot be entered.


The video below (in German), published by RBB, shows footage of a litter of wild boar of which some animals are dead and some are on the way to die. The sow has already died, according to the video.


The search on Saturday also yielded also further carcasses, which are being researched at the moment. In total, an rea of roughly 45 km2 was explored around the town of Bleyen. The fire brigade, police, hunters, farmers and district employees participated in the search.


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Germany reports 10 new swine fever cases in wild boar


Reporting by Michael Hogan, editing by Susan Fenton

Oct 12, 2020


HAMBURG, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Ten more cases of African swine fever have been confirmed in wild boars in the eastern German state of Brandenburg, Germany’s agriculture ministry said on Monday.


The new discoveries bring the total number of confirmed cases to 65 since the first one on Sept. 10. All were in wild animals with no farm pigs affected, it said.


Germany’s Friedrich-Loeffler scientific institute had confirmed the latest animals had African swine fever, the ministry said. All were found in the area around the first discoveries.


China and a number of other pork buyers banned imports of German pork...