Cattle Market Wrap-up: Feeder prices see an uptick

Feeder cattle prices saw an uptrend while cull cow prices were seasonally lower.


Ed Czerwien, BEEF Magazine

Oct 09, 2020


Feeder cattle numbers dropped a little after last week's lower prices with 28,200 head at the test auctions, about 2,000 lower than the previous week as well as last year. Prices turned around and improved and were mostly $1 yo $5 higher. However, heavier weight yearlings were closer to steady but some just a little lower. The bottom end of the price ranges dropped lower when there were more unweaned or fleshy calves which is always normal during the fall.


Slaughter cow volume is following the normal fall increases when cows are pulled off of pastures and sorted. There were 8,700 head at the test auctions which was about 1,600 head higher than two weeks ago. The slaughter cow prices continue to drop and were mostly $4 to $5 lower, which is also normal in the fall when more cows are sold. Cow meat prices also dropped much lower which puts downward pressure on the slaughter cow prices.


document, plus audio report [4:20 min.]