EU leaders move to ensure tough enforcement powers in Brexit deal


The Cattle Site

12 October 2020


The Financial Times reports that EU leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron will insist on stringent enforcement rules for any trade deal with the UK.


According to report in Reuters and the Financial Times, President Macron warns that Prime Minister Boris Johnsonís bid to override the Brexit treaty shows that Britainís word cannot be trusted.


EU diplomats said leaders at a summit starting on 8 October would call on EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier to ensure that "level playing field" guarantees for European businesses competing with British companies are backed by the right for Brussels to take rapid retaliatory action if Britain breaches its commitments, the FT reported on Monday.


France and other fishing nations in the EU will emphasise their determination to preserve quota rights in British waters, leaving Barnier with limited space to tease out a deal, the newspaper reported.


The EU wants to secure consistent rights to fish in British waters, an important issue for France where coastal fishing communities are politically influential. Britain wants a deal more like that of non-EU member Norway, under which quotas are set each year.


Johnson has set a deadline...


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