Perdue Farms chair claims COVID-19 prevention protocols are working, doesn't expect more plant closures

Perdue pushing flu shots, COVID-19 tests at plants to curb the spread of coronavirus



Oct 8, 2020


Meat and poultry plant executives are confident that they’ve beefed up health and safety protocols enough so they won’t have to shut down again as a result of COVID-19, despite flu season underway.


“I would imagine most of the industry is doing what we’re doing and that is really pushing the flu shots right now. Our wellness centers are giving these out and encouraging people to get them,” Jim Perdue, chairman of Perdue Farms, the parent company of meat producer Perdue Foods, told Fox News on Wednesday.


“We’re continuing the protocols on social distancing and masks as we were during the height of the pandemic. Half a dozen of our harvest plants did 100% [COVID-19] testing," Perdue said.


Salisbury, Maryland-based Perdue is the fourth-largest producer of chicken in the country, with food processing plants in states including Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama Delaware, Tennessee and Virginia.


Perdue says the company most recently did testing in North Carolina, a hot spot, and has been following CDC guidelines.


“Our company doctor was telling us to watch the community's positivity rate, and if that community goes up, then we need to really pay attention. This community started spiking so we tested all of our people. We found that we’ve been under our community percent positives in all of these testing scenarios," Perdue said...


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