6 Megatrends Will Shape the Food Industry of 2050


Jennifer Shike, FarmJournal's Pork

October 8, 2020


It’s not easy to be a successful food company. According to a recent research study, major food companies are experiencing a drop in sales and intensified competition from smaller players.


In “The Food Company of 2050,” Lux Research analyzed startup trends, social norms and corporate concerns in an effort to identify six megatrends that will shape the future of the food industry.


Here is what they believe companies must do now to survive and thrive over the next 30 years, according to the study.


1.    Develop food for health.

Food needs to satisfy a growing list of expectations beyond satiety and nutrition.


2.    Master the role of the microbiome.

From production methods to diagnostics, the report says mastering this realm may make or break food companies.


3.    Incorporate ubiquitous sensing.

The use of sensors is more and more important in all processes to monitor food quality, food safety, and even consumer health.


4.    Adapt to new industry structures...


5.    Increase sustainability...


6.    Understand future consumption...