White Castle debuts social distancing packaging with its Crave Clutch


By: Scripps National

via The Denver Channel - Sep 14, 2020


The nation's first fast-food hamburger chain wants you to carry their sliders safely during the pandemic.


White Castle debuted their Crave Clutch, which carries 20 of their sliders.


"Holding 20 Sliders of any variety, the Crave Clutch sits nicely between the classic 10 Sack and the 30-Slider Crave Case, making it the perfect choice for family meals and small gatherings," the restaurant said in a press release. "Thatís especially helpful now as people spend more time at home or outdoors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic."


White Castle debuted the new packaging on Monday and will only be available for a limited time.


The company described the clutch as having a "faux leather stitched cardboard handle, and one side looks like an old-school Boombox...