You can now get this legendary Japanese beef at Costco


By Heather Clark, Mashed 

Sept. 14, 2020


One of the priciest meats on the market, Japanese Wagyu beef is valued for its marbling pattern, which creates ultra-tender, buttery beef. Business Insider states that this high end, coveted meat can be made from four different types of cattle. These cows are bred to be very strong, causing fat cells to distribute throughout their muscles. Japan takes this beef very seriously, with strict regulations around how the meat is produced. This keeps the quality (and the price) of Wagyu beef high.


Recently, users on the Reddit message board r/Costco have been spotting the expensive meat in a very unexpected location — their local wholesale grocery store. Reddit user basedmoon posted a photograph to the message board stating that they spotted A5 Wagyu steaks in a Costco in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the photo, the beef comes packaged in a set of two New York strip steaks, at $99.99 per pound.


In the comments on the post, other Reddit users were quick to ask whether or not they thought there was really a market for the expensive meat, as most people presumably become Costco members for the wholesale deals. Commenters weighed in, stating that these expensive items could still be a good deal compared to what the products would be sold for at their regular grocery stores, and they are normally considered a splurge item the store is hoping will drive up the price of the other items shoppers add to their baskets.


You can buy Wagyu beef on the Costco website ...


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