ASF Germany: 5 more infected wild boar confirmed


Vincent ter Beek, Pig Progress

Sep 15, 2020 


The state of Brandenburg in Eastern Germany has confirmed on Tuesday that 5 more wild boar have been found positive for African Swine Fever (ASF).


That means that the reported finding last week Thursday was not an isolated incident. The 5 animals were found in the municipality Neuzelle in the Oder-Spree district. 4 animals had been found dead, a fifth (sick) animal was shot, according to the press release shared by Brandenburg state.


Official ASF confirmation to follow


The discovery of the African Swine Fever virus was confirmed by the state laboratory Berlin-Brandenburg. Samples will be sent to the German national reference lab at the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut (FLI), which will have to formally confirm the outbreaks.


Neuzelle is located at 4km from the border with Poland. The town is located 7.5km north of the finding place of the first carcass, which was found last week in the Schenkendöbern municipality. The finding has been provisionally added to the map below; when more exact details will come in, this will be updated.


More details about the 1st carcass


In response to questions by Pig Progress, the FLI shared that the initial carcass of a female wild boar in Schenkendöbern had been dead for 2-4 weeks before it was found, given the weather conditions and circumstances…