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·         Import bans to hike meat prices by Christmas

·         PH bans pork imports from Germany



Import bans to hike meat prices by Christmas


by Madelaine B. Miraflor, Manila Bulletin (Philippines)

September 14, 2020  


The series of import bans imposed by the Philippine government on pork and poultry products coming from different countries may result in costlier Christmas for meat loving Filipinos.


An official from the Meat Importers and Traders Association (MITA) said this as the Department of Agriculture (DA) signed an order reminding local traders and importers that importation of pork products coming from Germany is still not allowed after the European country reported its first case of African Swine Fever (ASF).


Agriculture Secretary William Dar said DA finalized the memo that will reiterate the country’s import ban on pork from Germany due to ASF.


Germany, which confirmed its first ASF outbreak last week, is one the Philippines’ top suppliers of affordable raw pork material.


In July last year, the DA banned the entry of pork products coming from Germany after its neighbor country, Poland, reported its first ASF outbreaks.


At that time, the Philippine government already issued an import ban against Poland but pork shipments coming from there still managed to make it through Philippine borders.


 DA officials were saying it entered the Philippines after the shipment declared Germany as its port of origin.


The ban made Germany the first country that can’t be allowed to import pork to the Philippines even if it remains free from the deadly hog disease.


In 2018, the Philippines imported nearly 90 million kilograms of meat from Germany.


For his part, Jesus Cham, President of MITA, said the DA should “revise” its decisions when it comes to these import bans, including those recently imposed importation suspension against Brazilian and Australian poultry meat, as this might make the country “unreliable trading partner” internationally.


 Moreover, he emphasized that due to rising cases of ASF in the Philippines and amid the import bans on poultry meat coming from different countries, pork and poultry products may be costlier during the Christmas season.


“The poultry ban on Germany, then Brazil and Australia, is curtailing the supply of MDM [mechanically deboned meat] products so we expect canned meat supply to decrease and prices to increase [during Christmas season],” Cham said in a text exchange. 


“Local pork is already short and expensive. Local poultry, while apparently plentiful now, can easily be ‘eaten’ up should consumption turn around,” he added...





PH bans pork imports from Germany


By Eireene Jairee Gomez, The Manila Times

September 14, 2020


THE PHILIPPINES has banned the importation of domestic and wild pigs, pork products and byproducts from Germany after the country confirmed its first case of African swine fever (ASF).


The Department of Agriculture said the new order banning German pork products was a “reiteration” of the order it issued in July 2019.


Germany has reported to the World Organization for Animal Health that the ASF virus was discovered in the carcasses of wild boar in the Spree-Neisse district in the southern part of Bradenburg, a few kilometers from Germany’s border with Poland.


Agriculture Secretary William Dar also suspended the processing and evaluation of the application and issuance of sanitary and phytosanitar import clearance to domestic and wild pigs, pork products and by-products from Germany.


Shipments of pigs, pork and pork products from Germany will be confiscated by Bureau of Animal Industry veterinary quarantine officers at all major ports of entry.


A temporary ban on pork meat products from Germany was imposed by the Philippines in July last year after the European nation was found exporting meat from another country affected by the ASF virus.


There had been concerns that the ASF would cross the Polish border and infect wild boar in Germany, Europe’s largest pork producer.


Germany is a significant supplier of pork to China which has increased imports of pork...