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         Amazon grocery store reportedly to share Kohl's retail space in California

         Amazon to hire 100,000 to keep up with online shopping surge

         Amazon is looking to build a grocery empire to rival Walmart




Amazon grocery store reportedly to share Kohl's retail space in California


Rosie Bradbury, GroceryDive

Sept. 8, 2020


Dive Brief:


o   Amazon will open a grocery store in vacated space leased from a downsized Kohlís store in La Verne, California, according to a report from the Milwaukee Business Journal.

o   The store would likely be under the Amazon Fresh banner, which is expected to roll out multiple locations in the coming months. The La Verne City Council rejected residentsí complaints that the project, which the city's planning commission approved earlier in 2020, could cause potential environmental harm, the Daily Bulletin of Rancho Cucamonga, California, reported in July.

o   The La Verne store will be separated from Kohlís by a dividing wall, and will lease approximately 37,000 square feet of the 88,000-square-foot space owned by Kohl's. The department store chain has been testing the right-sizing, side-by-side concept at a number of its stores.


Dive Insight:


o   Amazonís decision to lease space from an existing Kohlís store is not the first partnership between the two corporations. Kohlís sells Amazon smart home products in its U.S. stores, and last year began accepting Amazon returns at its stores, a move which helped to boost foot traffic at the big-box.


o   For Amazon, the space sharing deal offers an opportunity to expand its Fresh concept without investing in a new build. So far the company has focused on taking over leases from retailers like Babies-R-Us, Kmart and Fairway Market.


o   Amazon also reportedly plans to open an Amazon Fresh location in Gaithersburg, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C., in 2021. The store is expected to take over a 30,900-square-foot retail space currently occupied by an Office Depot. An employee of the office supply store said on Saturday that it would be closing in November and confirmed that Amazon would be moving in.


o   Grocery Dive reached out to an Amazon spokesperson for comment but did not receive a response by press time.


o   Amazon Freshís highly anticipated debut location in Woodland Hills, California, opened late last month to select customers. The e-commerce giant has also confirmed plans to...


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Amazon to hire 100,000 to keep up with online shopping surge

Amazon is hiring another 100,000 people to keep up with a surge of online orders


By Joseph Pisani, Associated Press

via ABC News - September 14, 2020


NEW YORK -- Amazon will hire another 100,000 people to keep up with a surge of online orders.


The company said Monday that the new hires will help pack, ship or sort orders, working in part-time and full-time roles. Amazon said the jobs are not related to its typical holiday hiring.


The Seattle company reported record profit and revenue between April and June as more people turned to it during the pandemic to buy groceries and supplies.


The company already had to hire 175,000 people earlier this year to keep up with the rush of orders, and last week said it had 33,000 corporate and tech jobs it needed to fill.


This time around, Amazon said it needs the people at the 100 new warehouses, package sorting centers and other facilities it's opening this month.


Alicia Boler Davis, who oversees Amazonís warehouses, said the company is offering $1,000 sign-on bonuses in some cities where it may be harder for it to find workers, such as Detroit, New York, Philadelphia and Louisville, Kentucky. Starting pay at Amazon is $15 an hour.


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Amazon is looking to build a grocery empire to rival Walmart


Jeremy Bowman, The Motley Fool

via The Arizona Republic (AZ) - Sep 13, 2020


Amazon is the king of e-commerce, but the company is increasingly looking to grow through its brick-and-mortar holdings.


In recent years, it's opened a number of Amazon Books stores and Amazon 4-star stores, small-footprint locations that showcase Amazon gadgets as well as books and well-reviewed items, and its 2017 acquisition of Whole Foods made it a sizable player in physical retail. Now the company is taking its latest step into the brick-and-mortar world with its first Amazon Fresh supermarket, which opened in the Woodland Hills section of Los Angeles at the end of August.


The store will have some similarities to Whole Foods, including the availability of 365 by Whole Foods Organics, but will offer name-brand products like Coca-Cola and Kraft Mac and Cheese that are unavailable at the organic supermarket chain, as well as seemingly lower prices than Whole Foods. Amazon also promises that Fresh will offer same-day delivery Ė free for Prime members Ė and pickup, as well as a smart cart it calls Dash Cart that automatically scans and charges customers for what's inside when they leave the store.


The opening was not a surprise, as reports have indicated Amazon's plans to open a non-Whole Foods grocery store in Los Angeles. Along with several other moves, it shows the company's ambitions in selling groceries, especially with a hybrid model, continues to expand. Whole Foods has brought order pickup capabilities to nearly all of its stores, tripling capacity from March. Amazon is also planning to lease space from an existing Kohl's for a second Fresh supermarket in Southern California, which could lead to more stores inside Kohl's, and the company is opening its second Go grocery store, a larger version of its cashierless Go convenience stores. Finally, it just opened a "dark" Whole Foods store in Brooklyn that is tasked only with fulfilling orders. Customers cannot shop there.


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