Nutrition Coach Unveils Red Meat Benefit Most People Forget

No beef.


Jamie Weiss, DMARGE

Sep 8, 2020


Building a balanced diet is a challenge.


Not only do you need to consider your nutritional intake, but there’s plenty of other factors: cost, accessibility, ethics, environmental impact, variety… Many fitness experts and athletes like Tom Brady advocate a partially or wholly vegan diet, and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that replacing animal protein with plant-based alternatives has a whole bevy of health benefits.


However, it’s not as simple as swapping lamb for lentils when it comes to constructing a healthy diet.


Max Lugavere, nutritionist and author of New York Times best-seller The Genius Life, is still a staunch advocate for omnivorous diets, and regularly espouses the benefits of eating animal protein (particularly beef).


His latest Instagram post explores a common misconception people have about animal protein – specifically, red meat.


“When we think of meat we just think of protein or calories. This is short-sighted… all animal sources [of protein] but especially beef… [are] filled with copious nutrients, many of which are needed to function optimally and reach our full potential,” Lugavere shares.


It’s why high-protein diets like keto can actually work: animal proteins aren’t a zero-sum game; they’re not just macronutrients. They contain a whole cocktail of essential micronutrients as well that are essential for good nutrition.


One common pitfall people fall into when starting a new diet is being too myopic and not making sure they’re getting a balanced nutrient intake. It’s why so many people turn to supplements to make up for the shortfall...