GRAPHIC: Cows found shot, dismembered

“That was just cruel for someone to do that.”


By Miranda Reynolds, KAIT

September 10, 2020


GREENE COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - A Greene County rancher found multiple cows dead in their pasture from apparent gunshot wounds. One of the cow’s front legs was also cut off.


Craig Ryan received the terrible news Tuesday.


“Kind of shocked, you know. When my friend called me, I ran up here. We’ve never really had anything happen like this before,” he said.


When he arrived, he found multiple cows dead around a spring-fed water source.


“We found three here, there was one over here that was down and two more over here," he said. “One of them had the front shoulder cut off.”


Of the roughly 30 cattle on the farm, one is still unaccounted for. Ryan is not sure where it is.


His father, L.V. Ryan, started the farm nearly 40 years ago and passed away last week.


He’s not sure what his father would have thought about this.


“I mean, it would upset him, too,” he said. “Anything like this, to see that go to waste, that was just cruel for someone to do that.”


Ryan filed a report with the Greene County Sheriff’s Department.


While they investigate, Ryan said he will place more “No Trespassing" signs around the property and make sure the gates are locked.


He has a message for those who did this.


“You need to think about turning yourself in," he said...


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