Taiwan launches automatic 3D system to measure pigs

System competitive on international market: ITRI


By Matthew Strong, Taiwan News



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) A new 3D system that can evaluate the basic measurements of a pig within 15 seconds was launched Wednesday (Sept. 9) by the Council of Agriculture (COA) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).


The technology will save labor, add precision, and upgrade the local hog farming sector just as it is facing the oncoming import of pork from the United States, CNA reported.


The government has decided to end a ban on the import of pork containing the residue of the leanness drug ractopamine from Jan. 1, provoking anger and fear from local hog farmers.


As the animal walks into a box, the 3D camera system measures and analyzes its size and appearance, COA officials said. The pig no longer has to be restrained by force while humans measure its length, height, and width, as all those elements can now be done from a distance while the animal stands inside the box...