'Naked rancher' who delights Instagram fans with VERY racy snaps of him herding cattle and exploring the great outdoors says he feels 'freer' without any clothes on


    Dick Powers posts photos and videos of himself at one with nature on Instagram

    He has been tending to the land on his parent's ranch in Montana naked for years

    Hopes to expand naked ranching repertoire by offering guided tours of the area


By Lydia Catling For Mailonline (UK)

8 September 2020


A self-described naked rancher has won hundreds of Instagram fans with snaps of him exploring the great outdoors without any clothes on.


Dick Powers, 36, from Montana, spends his days herding cattle, chopping wood and fishing on his family's 1,800-acre plot.


He explained being naked 'frees his spirits' and hopes to one day expand his ranching business by offering tours to fellow naturists. 


He said: 'I love being naked and I love being a naturist. Anything which involves a blade I avoid for safety reasons.


'I will chop wood with an axe, but that's as far I will go - I don't want to slice anything off! I did once wear chaps and a helmet to use the chainsaw for an Instagram pic, but if I'm honest I regretted it.


'All my posts tend to be organic and natural, while that one felt like it was mainly for my followers.'


Dick, who is now ranch manager, says his love of nature was awoken as a child growing up in Florida's Everglades.


'I played a lot of sport growing up and was part of the American Indian Scouts - which is similar to regular Scouts, but a lot more primitive,' he said.


'You learn how to survive off the land in a more traditional manner, like the Native Americans do.


'It was there that I started to build a connection with nature.'


Brainy, too, Dick loved science and, in September 2007 won a place at the University of Wyoming to study geology.


He said: 'I'd always enjoyed the outdoors and science was my preferred subject at school, so I wanted a profession that would let me do both.'


With the Rocky Mountains just a short drive away from his university campus, for the next three years Dick threw himself into his studies.


Impressed by their son's beautiful surroundings, at the start of 2009, Dick's parents decided to leave Florida and relocate to the bordering state of Montana.


'It was always a dream of my dad's to move to the mountains and have his own ranch,' Dick explained. 'He'd been a businessman his whole life and it was his time to enjoy his golden years.'


After graduating in 2010, Dick spent three years working on an oil rig, clearing his student debt and saving.


He said: 'I was a rig geologist, but in all honesty I didn't really enjoy it. I would help with the drilling before the oil started being rigged.


'I was in my late 20s, though, and enjoyed how much money I was making but, after three years, it was time to get out.'


Using his savings, in 2015 he funded a post graduate degree studying renewable energy development at the University of Montana - a stone's throw from his parents' ranch, where he spent weekends working the land.


'It's a big old chunk of land for the old man to manage on his own,' he said.


'We have 200 cattle that need seeing to all year round, we have a huge hay operation and logging season requires a hell of a lot of man power.'


Living on and off in the guest wing of his parents' five-bedroom house since graduating in 2017, he became ranch manager the following year but, despite their close relationship, he has not told his parents he is a naturist.


'Instead of using my post grad degree, I became quite the handy man and that eventually led to me taking over from my dad at the ranch,' he said...


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