Cattle Market Wrap-up | Feeder run higher

Feeder cattle and cull cow numbers were higher ahead of Labor Day closures


Ed Czerwien, BEEF Magazine 

Sep 04, 2020


Ranchers, anticipating sale barn closures Sept. 7 for Labor Day, brought bigger numbers of feeder cattle to town for the week ending Sept. 4, with 30,200 head at the test auctions. Prices continue to drop lower after topping out a few weeks ago; no doubt the recent lower fed cattle prices have put downward pressure on feeder cattle prices.


There was a good run of cows for the week with 5,500 head at the test auctions.  Prices were a little higher after dropping lower for several weeks. The cow meat prices improved and the 90% trimmings were over $4 dollars compared with the previous Wednesday.


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