NASDA: contact state ag officials and state APHIS director about seeds


By Amie Simpson, Brownfield

July 30, 2020


The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture is urging Americans not to open unsolicited and unlabeled seeds that appear to be from China.


Barb Glenn is the CEO of NASDA.


“If you receive a package like this just don’t open it, keep all the packages, keep the mailing information, and contact your state department of agriculture or contact your APHIS state director,” she says. “They’ll give you advice on how they would like to collect that package and analyze it.”


USDA has indicated it could be a brush scam to obtain fake reviews for products, but Glenn says the seeds should still be taken seriously.


“There could be a potential impact on agriculture on horticulture and on forestry with a seed of any kind that we haven’t identified,” she says...


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China asks US to return mysterious seeds


South China Morning Post

via Julie Harker, Brownfield - July 29, 2020


China is offering to help the U.S. investigate the unsolicited seed packets sent to Americans through the mail.


China’s foreign ministry says their postal service has contacted the U.S. postal service asking it to return the seeds to China, calling the packets “faked mail.” It says information labels on the packages appeared to be forged.


The USDA and agriculture departments in more than two dozen states are warning recipients not to plant the seeds which could be invasive, noxious species of plants that could compromise crops and the environment...