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·         JBS invests millions in Brazil to prevent COVID-19

·         Europe’s Investment Group Delists Brazilian Meat Giant JBS



JBS invests millions in Brazil to prevent COVID-19

JBS invests $19 million in health and safety measures at facilities in Brazil also donates $77 million to fight COVID-19 in Brazil in general.



Jul 30, 2020


JBS S.A. reported that between March and June, with the objective of ensuring the health and safety of its team members during the COVID-19 global pandemic, it invested more than $19 million in contingency health and safety measures, systems and processes at all of its facilities in Brazil.


Resources were allocated to dozens of actions that are part of the prevention and protection protocol of more than 130,000 team members at the production units, distribution centers, offices and other company premises in Brazil. During this period, to ensure that the measures are implemented and effective, JBS has been conducting periodic audits in its 135 production units, verifying each action item by item in its strict security protocol.


Between March and June, JBS also hired more than 10,000 professionals nationwide to take the place of team members who had been kept at home preventatively, with the objective of protecting those in the higher-risk group, such as pregnant women and those over 60. Part of this group also comprised team members in situations of greater vulnerability to COVID-19, including indigenous people and those under medical recommendation. Team members testing positive for COVID-19 are immediately given leave of absence and remain away from their posts until they have fully recovered. In all cases, the company’s health care team carries out permanent monitoring. Similarly, JBS engages in an active search among the staff for anyone who may have been in contact with the virus and their family members.


The company pointed out that it already monitors 100% of its team members on a daily basis...





Europe’s Investment Group Delists Brazilian Meat Giant JBS

Nordea Asset Management has dropped Brazillian meat giant JBS SA over ties to Amazon deforestation and corruption.


Charlotte Pointing, Live Kindly

July 30, 2020


Nordea Asset Management has dropped JBS SA over the Brazillian meat giant’s links to deforestation and corruption.


Concerns over employee health and safety during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic were also a factor.


Based in Helsinki, Nordea Asset Management is the investment arm of the Nordea Group, the largest financial services group in northern Europe. Nordea Asset Management controls a €230 billion fund.


Nordea decided to drop JBS a month ago. According to Eric Pedersen, the head of responsible investments at Nordea Asset Management, the decision followed “a period of engagement with the company.”


He told the Wall Street Journal: “We did not feel that we were seeing the response that we were looking for.”


Pederson said the company pulled around €40 million from JBS. This followed a decision taken last year not to buy more into the company.


JBS and Deforestation ...


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